Validating code

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Validating code

Using a library to do form validation can save lots of your development time. j Query Form validation library is the most popular validation library.This post collects all my notes and references on j Query Form validation library.For example, you might notice that by including ARIA landmark roles in a HTML4 document creates some errors.However, because we are knowingly improving the user’s experience, without introducing any actual issues, we might be inclined to accept this error as a false positive.

Validating code Hello everybody, I’m Matt from Nomensa and I’m here to talk about how and why you should validate your code.

Checking for accessibility guarantees your page will be able to be read by not only any Internet browser software, but by anyone.

Just because a web page looks good on your screen doesn’t mean that all the coding is accurate or that it will look good on someone else’s screen.

I have combed the code over for syntax, and I believe it is all correct, but it will not work. Because this code involves a form I will post most of it. Is there some program i can d/l that will help point out my errors? ');" maybe with some further explanation I can help you more -- and BTW if you fix an error in your code please don't keep posting the same code with that same error in it asking what's wrong -- it'll always be the first thing pointed out.

It has to have at least 3 letters in the name section, the gender button must be selected and the user has to be 18. It will not bring up any errors if you you are under the age of 18, didn't fill in more than 4 letters in the name and didn't select a gender. just toss one in anywhere you want to know what's going on, like "alert('hey I actually made it to this part of the script, and I set variable x to value ' x '!!!

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Checking Content Begin your web page validation by checking the content of your page. Getting noticed means being “seen” by search engines, so do your best to meet their needs, too.

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