Dating white pine trees

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Dating white pine trees

The Brits required huge, strong trunks to build masts for their endless fleets (trees had to be 3’x3’ for a medium ship and 4’x4’ for a warship) and unfortunately for the white pine, it fit the bill.All appropriately sized trees were marked with the broad arrow symbol of the Board of Ordnance to reserve the trees for the British Navy. The citizens of Upper and Lower Canada (in typical Canadian fashion) took the announcement in stride, but our American counterparts refused to go quietly. The history and uses of the Eastern White Pine is fascinating.From Native American herbal remedies to building the homes of our nation's founders, this tree has held an important role in our country's history.For most people, the end of summer and approach of autumn means cooler temperatures, harvest time for crops, and of course, the vibrant colors of changing leaves.

Commonly used to beautify sidewalks and park settings, these beautiful and strong trees are also the source of professional baseball bats.Tweet This may sound like a pretty “tall order”, but if you make yourself comfortable I will tell you its story and why it was recognized as Ontario’s provincial tree in 1984.When North America was first settled by Europeans, the landscape was very different than it is today: pine was the dominant tree species (not spruce) in addition to Britain holding power with their enormous Royal Navy.As rock-hard as ash wood can be, however, this tree is widely being wiped out by a tiny beetle called the emerald ash borer.If you want a tree that will be a long-term resident of your landscape, your money would be better spent on another variety!

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